Electric Access Ladders

The ultimate in retracting ceiling stairs this fully automatic electric stair opens with the push of a button on either floor, almost silently, the ceiling panel opens and the stair moves down in a smooth continuous action.

This is the one for the most discerning where only the best will do.

When finished push the button again and it will silently retract and close the ceiling panel.

The unit is custom made, maintenance free, comes fully assembled in aluminium finish with laminated timber hatch in natural finish that can easily be painted.

Treads up to 160mm in depth and 580mm width. Telescopic handrail and guardrail around the top of opening. Remote control unit, smoke detector activation.

Should there be a power failure, this unit will switch to battery back up and even if that fails it can still be manually operated.

In the event of smoke or fire this unit if coupled to smoke detectors will automatically open and descend to the floor for quick escape up or down.

Hatch sizes and prices are available on request.

Optional extras are:

  • Off-white finish
  • Carpet inlays on treads


Model Floor to Ceiling
Opening Size No of
Tread Width
2509 2499 1115 x 905w x 240d 9 480w x 160d
2790 2500 – 2789 1215 x 905w x 240d 10 480w x 160d
3090 2790 – 3089 1315 x 905w x 240d 11 480w x 160d
3390 3090 – 3389 1215 x 815w x 240d 12 480w x 160d
3690 3390 – 3689 1515 x 815w x 240d 13 480w x 160d
3990 3690 – 3989 1515 x 905w x 240d 14 480w x 160d

* measurements in mm.

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