Skydome Skylight

Skylight systems that don’t cost the world.

All skylight products conform to Australian Standard 4285. Installing a Skydome skylight allows you the freedom to design any room away from the exterior walls and still provide natural light in a cost effective and energy efficient way.

  • 2 lines of defence prevent leakage
  • Glazing has 99.9% UV blackout
 400 x 700mm tile & metal roof
 550 x 550mm  tile roof
 600 x 600mm  metal roof
 550 x 800mm  tile roof
 600 x 800mm   metal roof
 550 x 1100mm  tile roof
 600 x 1100mm  metal roof
 800 x 800mm  tile & metal roof
 800 x 1100mm  tile & metal roof
1000 x 1000mm  metal roof
1200 x 1200mm  tile & metal roof

Skylight Dome   Skylight tube








Skytube Skylight

Skytube skylight is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, walk-in robes or any area too small to install a traditional Skydome skylight but still in need of natural light. Skytube collects the low elevation sunlight in the early morning, late afternoon and winter, whilst at the same time regulating the light during the hot midday summer sun to provide cooler daylight.

Eliminates elbows & bends in the light carrying tube
95% specular reflectivity equals more light throughput
Simple installation with moulded flashing for all roof types

Skytube skylight kit sizes available:

1.2 metres
1.8 metres
2.4 metres
3.0 metres
3.6 metres #
4.2 metres #
4.8 metres #
5.4 metres #
6.0 metres #

#Lazerlens is required for tube lengths exceeding 3.0 metres.


  • Inline Fan System
  • Electric Light Fitting
  • Leadlight Diffusers
  • Gold Ceiling Ring
  • Chrome Ceiling Ring