We design & build single storey additions and house extensions.



Move up in the property market


Single storey additions or sometimes called second floor extensions or top floor additions are a great way to increase the living area of your home. There’s no need to move out when you can move up!

If you need more space, but don’t want to move, adding extra space to your existing home is for you - and can also significantly increase its value.

At the Attic Conversion Centre, we do a lot more than transform attic spaces. We build single storey additions and ground floor extensions as well.

We can take care of everything from original concept plans, full drawings and documentation to building permits, council approval and the build itself.


Before & after photos of single storey addition to a bungalow in Melbourne

Types of Extensions & Conversions

There are three main types of construction projects.

  1. Attic conversion

  2. Single storey addition

  3. Ground floor extension

An attic conversion typically keeps the existing roof intact and converts the attic space into a usable space for storage or living areas.

A single storey addition typically involves raising the whole, or part, of the roof to increase the ceiling height in order to add extra rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

A ground floor extension adds extra space by extending the footprint of the home, usually into the garden or garage area. This is a great option when seeking to increase the entertaining area which flows from the main kitchen or dining areas.

Single Storey Costs

The cost to build a second storey onto your home typically ranges range from $1,800 sq metre to $3,000 sq metre.

The cost depends on many factors, and every home is unique. For example, kitchens and bathrooms are more expensive due to plumbing and finishes whereas large open space like lounges are generally cheaper to complete.

There are also many variable building costs that need to be considered like whether the existing roof can be used, does a floor need to be reinforced, is work required to the foundations or how many windows are to be installed.

There are also differences in labour costs between states and cities.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of our free in-home quote as this is the best way to assess individual homes and to chat about the owner’s requirements.


Project Timeline

A second storey can take anywhere between 4 and 8 months to complete. We’ve mapped out a typical timeline below.

1 week - Meet client and assess property

2 - 4 weeks - Submit concept plans for client approval

2 - 4 weeks - Create detailed drawings and required reports (eg. engineering)

2 - 10 weeks – DA Application / Town Planning approvals

8 - 16 weeks - Build

Council Approval & Building Permits

Council approval is required for all homes. Approval regulations differ between states. In NSW, a Development Application (DA) needs to be submitted to council. In VIC, a Building Permit will be required.

Council approval times vary but typically takes 2-4 weeks.

If the home is heritage-listed, Town Planning drawings are required, as well as extra approval, which can take 4-6 months.

We create and submit the plans to council and handle the applications including any engineering or other types of reports required.


Other Factors To Consider

Single storey additions are a great way to add extra living space to your home without taking up your backyard. In situations where it is not possible to raise the roofline however, a ground floor extension is a great option.

There are many factors to consider when choosing to build up or out. For example, excavation and a retaining wall may we required for a ground floor extension. Other factors include external access, trees (and therefore more council/neighbour approval), waste, privacy and many other factors.

Adding Rooms

It’s possible to add bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and liveable spaces to many types of homes and properties. Get inspired about what you can achieve by checking out our Instagram page.

Occupancy During Build

It’s possible to live in a property during the build. This video explains how.

Why Choose Us

Attic Conversion Centre is owned by Attic Group, Australian owned and operated Since 1975. Offering a full suite of expertise, our construction team includes design consultants, estimators, architects, project managers, builders, carpenters, engineers, surveyors and planners.

We have won many building awards, including winner of the Roof and Attic Conversions category at the 2018 MBA Excellence in Housing awards in 2018.

We use standard HIA contracts with consumer protection.